BacKleen EM Solution – STP

BacKleen EM Solution is an effective blend of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds in STP & effluent treatment Plants. BacKleen EM Solution acts on industrial

SVI Series

Specifications: Delivery: up to 120 m3/h. Head: up to 240 m. Liquid temperature for the standard versions: - from -10°C to +90°C for S and N

Steady 1300 Series

Features: Robust: Components are made from robust materials for long life and easy maintenance. Environmentally friendly: Cooling system is designed to use the surrounding

Series 1532 Pump

Features: Self-flushing mechanical seals ensure maximum seal face lubrication, heat dissipation and debris removal without vulnerable, external flush tubing. As much

Plunger Pump: VPL-01

Specifications: Type: Plunger Metering Pump Flow Rate: 0 to 7000 LPH Pressure Range: standard pressure up to 400 kg/cm2 Special head up to 1000 kg/cm2 Temperature Range: Up to

Electronic Dosing Pump: VE-01

Specifications: It is a positive displacement diaphragm metering pump operating at 230V, 50 Hz supply. It is base mountable. Solenoid pushes the diaphragm which

Progressive Cavity Screw Pumps

Specifications: Max. Flow: 175m3/Hr. Max. Temp: 250°C Max. Viscosity to be handled: 500000 CP Discharge Pressure: Up to 36 bar

Flocullant Dosing System

Specifications: Additive injection system Sulphuric acid dosing system Corrosion inhibitor dosing system Acid dosing system Hypo chloride dosing system Flocculent dosing system (Fully Automatic)

DOC Series

SPECIFICATIONS • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C with partially submerged pump. • Dry motor. • Class B insulation. • IP 68 protection. Versions: – Single-phase: 220V, 50Hz 2 poles (2850 rpm). – Three-phase: 380-415V,