EMINENT ENTERPRISES was conceptualized in 1981 by the specialists in the field of industrial water, process water and waste water treatment chemicals.


Motivation to form EMINENT ENTERPRISES had been that future of the civilization will depend upon efficient use of the now available resources, be it water, air and electricity.


With this mission, the team EMINENT charted path to follow the process of :


  • Understanding the correct application at the beginning itself, be it correct usage, compatibility & the duty conditions.
  • Offer the best possible techno-economical pumping solutions, which offers lowest cost of ownership thus contributing to the user by reducing costs thru saved energy, lower wear-tear, longer service life between 2 servicing, reduced requirement of spares and most importantly, the human resource which might have wasted due to above.
  • Conduct training sessions & seminars, to educate the users how to use the pumps & pumping systems as per the designed duty conditions, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Deliver what we commit, to earn satisfied customers & long lasting relations.


The highly experienced service team further ensures longest service life of the supplied systems. We service the pumps & pumping systems in neighboring countries as well and render consultancy services for overseas sites for trouble-shooting.


With our more than 3 decades of establishment, Eminent Enterprises is expert in the field of industrial pumps for water-waste water (horizontal C/F / MEE application specific pumps / Sewage Submersible / Vertical Turbine pumps / Dosing pumps & dosing systems / Screw pumps) pumps & pumping systems for Cooling water / Boiler feed / RO High pressure / Chilled water circuit / Fire fighting / HVAC & process application.


We also have specialization in eco-friendly & specialized cleaning products, which maintains highest efficiency of the compressors, cooling coils, cooling tower, chilling systems & boilers. We have demonstrated and developed auto giants and proved efficiency of our cleaning products.